Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monkey Fist

My Works of Art

Working at a firework stand this past summer, I spent my lunch hour making stuff out of para cord. Nets for my Nalgene bottles, lanyards, and my favorite, monkey fist key chains. To make a monkey fist you had to understand how the knot worked, know what line to pull and when, to get it just rightly snug around the marble, rock, or whatever you used to fill the middle. A couple people offered to buy them, but I just gave them away because hey, what am I gonna do with like fifteen key chains?

This is one of the most thorough breakthroughs for making one. The step by step instructions are clear, clean, and easy to understand.


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  1. I made a belt out of paracord once. It was nice, then I had to use the cord. It sucked, but worked for what I needed it to. I don't know if I have the patience to do it again...