Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've tried making my own wine out of grape juice and bakers yeast (YUCK!), but never tried distilling any of my own liquor.

"And add one heaping tablespoon of yeast per gallon of water. Stir vigorously, and add to your fermentation containers. seal the containers with the rubber stoppers, and run the aquarium tubing from the stoppers to the small bottle full of water to produce an airlock. The setup should look something like this:"



  1. Just be careful, I've done it before and things have a tendency to..... Detonate.....

  2. sounds like lots of work. I like making my own mulled wine using white wine + sugar + cinnamon+ cloves + lime and cook it :) very good you should try

  3. God that sounds delicious. Nothin better than throwing in a fat wad of lip dirt and getting annihilated on moonshine